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Annual Enrollment Workshops for Herbalists

This is wonderful news – my first herbal teacher, mentor, friend, and the “fairy godmother of herbalism”, Rosemary Gladstar, who I studied with from 1999-2004, has offered to teach a free, live workshop next week for Heartstone Online. Moments later we were able to confirm another workshop with Charis Lindrooth of Botanic Wise on Stress…

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Don’t look a gift course in the mouth

Right now you can join 3 free mini-courses available over at Heartstone Online as part of our annual holiday enrollment – so head on over and add them to your toolbox for physiology and herbal education. Do you already own one of these courses? Well, here’s your chance to fill in the gaps or just share the…

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2018 – 2019 Heartstone Online Enrollment Schedule

One of the things you can learn about in Physiology With Heart is the whole person approach to learning – a way of engaging with our learning that engages our gut, heart, and mind.  As a student, you are familiar with how this plays into your choices around education. Should you enroll, or not enroll?…

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Meet Kim, clinical herbalist & A&P student

Kim Almeida is a clinical herbalist, and instructor, who was required to take an Anatomy & Physiology course for the herbal program she was enrolled in. She stopped by Ithaca yesterday and made this message to help you make a more informed decision this weekend before enrollment ends. Check out Heartstone Online (before 1/14)  …

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Why Should I Engage In Mindfulness?

Are my eyes deceiving me? This week, I saw the word “Mindfulness” on the cover of a popular magazine at the checkout of our 25 aisle local market.  “MINDFULNESS” was in bold and CAPS! Given the amount of competition to become a cover story in the mainstream, I was delightfully surprised. I love it when…

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7 Health Topics & Their “Truthy” Friends

I want to start with a question… Which one of the following statements is true? Cannabis is a good remedy for acute pain. When living above the latitude of Atlanta, Georgia, we do not need to supplement our diets with Vitamin D. Food allergies can be outgrown. The answer is below. Dig deep and don’t…

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