Don’t look a gift course in the mouth

Right now you can join 3 free mini-courses available over at Heartstone Online as part of our annual holiday enrollment – so head on over and add them to your toolbox for physiology and herbal education.

Do you already own one of these courses? Well, here’s your chance to fill in the gaps or just share the love with someone who would find it valuable.

It all comes down to Inflammation

Do you know the difference between helpful inflammation and not so helpful inflammation?

If you’re not clued into the way inflammation works in our bodies – take this mini course, right now, seriously, you need it 🙂

Click here to join Inflammation Actually, Free at Heartstone Online.

Liver health starts with liver love

In these entertaining and easy to understand lectures you will gain more knowledge and understand how to support your liver, even if you’re new to basic anatomy and honestly don’t even really understand what the liver does.

This mini-course has 3 lessons, each guiding you to understand and love your liver – whether you’re learning for yourself or for your work with others.

Click here to join Love Your Liver, Free at Heartstone Online

It’s time for a heart-based, whole-person approach to physiology education

This mini-course explores how we, as a culture, engage in healing the body. We’ll spend a little time breaking down Western Science, but ultimately this is about reclaiming our relationship with the physical aspects of health and balancing them with a heart-centered, whole-person approach to healing.

We still need to understand physiology, even though much of this knowledge has been presented in boring ways that can be discouraging. You can learn and practice this important base of knowledge.

Join Physiology with Heart, Free at Heartstone Online

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I'm a researcher, educator, guest lecturer, and co-founder of Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials in Van Etten, NY.