2018 – 2019 Heartstone Online Enrollment Schedule

One of the things you can learn about in Physiology With Heart is the whole person approach to learning – a way of engaging with our learning that engages our gut, heart, and mind. 

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As a student, you are familiar with how this plays into your choices around education. Should you enroll, or not enroll? Is this right for me? This is more than just an intellectual decision – and it should be, because the best learning comes from engaging our whole selves, even in an online program. 

…ultimately the question is about 3 things

  • Will this get me results? (credits, applicable knowledge, social connections)
  • Do I like the teacher? (a more heart based decision)
  • Do I trust the process? (listen to your gut!)

Everyone who signs up for a course at Heartstone Online is demonstrating their commitment to learn – whether it’s graduating from the 8 week Anatomy and Physiology program with an understanding of how and why the body works, or it’s the understanding the advanced topics presented in Transition Zones. 

Even those of you who join the email list through a webinar, download, or just because, you were on that learning path, exploring your options on the way to where you’re going. 

So whether you’ve been walking down this path for decades or months, this is the time to check out my programs at Heartstone Online.

Holiday Enrollment Schedule

Every year I open enrollment to prepare for an eight-week cohort. Then, I close the course. It’s hard to have it open all the time, even though it’s online, because I’m working with students to support the goal of completing their A&P in eight weeks.
Now we’ve gotten a bit more advanced, so I’m allowing for year-round enrollment. However, I also want to support your goal of getting things done, and using the winter months wisely as it’s a time of study.
This year I’m offering a special discount, along with some great bonuses for students who enroll by January 10th in time for the cohort to begin.

I know how hard it can be for herbalists to get accessible physiology education – one that takes the whole-person into account. That’s why I’ve been putting effort into the online programs and making them as widely available as possible. I’m on a mission to empower herbalists to engage effectively in health discourse. 

Online Programs Available Right Now

And the mini-courses which will become free next week for the Holiday season:

Join our email list to get a $50 coupon to Heartstone Online this holiday season. 

Making Physiology Education Accessible

When I started learning physiology there were no online courses – and the programs available were expensive and it was rare to find material that took the whole person into consideration. Fortunately there are more options available to learners. I always wanted to have a greater impact, and it’s when I started to merge my studies in physiology with the realm of plant medicine that the path became clear. I wanted this college level material to be accessible enough that it could be used by herbal schools – and now it is.

The courses you’ll find on Heartstone Online are required learning for many herbal programs who understand the physiology is an important component of this work.

And accessible isn’t just about price – it’s also about a way of teaching… which I talked about a little bit in Physiology with Heart.

Right now over a thousand people have enrolled in Heartstone Online and the cohort we have for 2019 eight-week session is building. Enrollment is officially open and in the next week I’ll be announcing some special holiday bundles to everyone on the email list. If you’re not already on the list, or included in Heartstone Online, head on over and check it out. I wouldn’t want you to miss the chance to see if this program would take your studies, confidence, understanding, and herbal healing powers to the next level.

Check it out and listen to your gut, your heart, and your brain – let’s see what we can get done together.

Join our email list to get a $50 coupon to Heartstone Online this holiday season. 


I'm a researcher, educator, guest lecturer, and co-founder of Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials in Van Etten, NY.