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Courses that focus on plant medicine or include herbs are marked with a  HeartstoneLeaf

A number of courses are available for LMT NYS & National CEU’s and are marked with a  HeartstoneHand


This is an introductory guide to cannabis in three parts – growing, medicine making, and the physiology of the endocannabinoid system. It features 3 short lessons, a full guidebook, and reflection questions to help you take action on what you're learning.

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In this mini-course we will unpack the baggage of western science, identify some of the key mistakes herbalists make, and I'm going to share the principles of a heart-based approach to physiology. A whole person approach empowers all of us to be better herbalists, better students, and better advocates for plant medicine.

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Have you been wondering how topical application of herbs get into the skin? Whether herbs are actually absorbed by the skin? How do topical applications affect pain & inflammation? Or how effective they are they? What about carrier oil choices?

This class is the most information-packed class on the topic to date.

Have you been wanting to understand the uses of this plant? Have you heard it can cure almost everything (it IS helpful in many situations and it can’t cure everything.)?

What’s the deal with CBD oil?

The class will begin with the not well-known or publicized Endocannabinoid System. The plant works because we make our own, endogenous chemicals. These chemicals within us and the receptors that they bind allow the magic of this plant to work within us.

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Most people think growing "the plant" is something that is done by experts at a farming scale. It's not. Gardeners, herbalists, medicine makers, and even beginners can now grow themselves – and I'm here to show you how fun it can be.

This program will help you successfully grow up to 10 plants (seed and variety information below) from seed to harvest. You'll have lessons, live meetings, and a private social community through the entire life cycle of the plant.

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Medicine Making With Cannabis is our newest online program empowering you to make your own high quality medicine with cannabis. Learn to source materials, methods of extraction, medicine making, and how to test potency in this dynamic online course.

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This is an 8 Week online series covering the anatomy & physiology of the human body. This class is especially tailored to herbalists and massage therapists but open to all. Taught by Tammi Sweet, MS, LMT, Co-Director of Heartstone Herbal School  & Traveling lecturer.

24 CEUs available

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Explore 7 Core Topics to health and wellness. Transition zones are places where two different habitats meet. This meeting place is rich in biodiversity & activity and our body is full of them.

The skin, our respiratory tract, our digestive system, are the physical places of transition. The brain and the heart are our intellectual and emotional transition zones.

This course gives you an understanding of physiology & holistic interactions in 7 core topics which include pain, inflammation, food intolerances…

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In these entertaining and easy to understand lectures you will gain more knowledge and understand how to support the (your) liver, even if you're new to basic anatomy.

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There are some topics which deserve more focus. Inflammation is one of those hot topics that everybody is talking about. But do we really understand it?

In this 3 part video series, I'm going to challenge some myths, and present the facts on inflammation.

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Start exploring the 7 core topics of health and wellness that are part of Tammi Sweet's Transition Zones. The skin, our respiratory tract, our digestive system, are the physical places of transition. The brain and the heart are our intellectual and emotional transition zones.

This mini series is a great place to start if you're still trying to figure out "what's the big deal?" with these topics.

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