Our Mission

Our mission is to provide learning & healing opportunities for people to remember what is in our bones...

To rekindle and nourish our essential human natures as bright and creative spirits with great capacities for aliveness and compassion, intimately connected and interdependent with all life on the Earth.


We are committed to nourishing awareness, values & actions which help us live sustainably on the Earth and in respectful & heartful relationship with ourselves and each other.

Our prayer and mission is to join hands with the worldwide community of others who care deeply about the health and diversity of life on Earth with the dream that generations of our grandchildren may know the blessing of calling Earth “home”.


We offer thanksgiving to our teachers and guardians of vision:  Rosemary Gladstar, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Pam Montgomery, Ricky Sherover-Marcuse, Tom Brown, Jr., Buckminster Fuller, John Lilly, Jane Roberts & Seth, Grandfather Stalking Wolf and so many others who guide & inspire us;

To Rocio Alarcon, Raylene Ha’alelea Kawaiaea, & Martin Prechtel who reminded us how to pray from our hearts & our bones;

To our wild teachers of the natural world;

To the Elders of our families and chosen tribes and generations of unnamed Elders who did their best to pass on wise and loving guidance that we may live in a good way on the Earth.

And we thank you, our old & new found friends, for your gifts and your part in the larger story.