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I'm a researcher, educator, guest lecturer, and co-founder of Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials in Van Etten, NY.

Lessons From The Grocery Store

Is it me, or does the pressure seem to be increasing? Lately it feels like individually and collectively we are in some sort of pressure cooker. The good news is the time is ripe for change & healing. Maybe that’s the way life has been all along and I just didn’t notice the abundance of…

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Growing Plants Is Good For You

The growing season is fast approaching and all us gardeners and growers are jumping out of our skins itching to get our hands in the soil. It’s too cold here in upstate NY to really get out there, so until then we’ll have to dream and plan and fantasize about our gardens in our hearts…

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20 Years at Heartstone

20 years here at Heartstone.

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St. Sappho Elderflower Cordial

Ingredients For Half Gallon Brown grocery bag full of full Elderflower umbels 8 cups white sugar 1 lemon  Small handful of Lemon Balm

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Weeds Gone Wild

Yay! Spring is here! Do you want to introduce a little wildness into your life? Want to boost your vitality? Put a “spring” in your step? Sure you do. Here’s one easy way, PESTO. We’re going to make “yard pesto.” It’s not hard. All the cool kids are doing it. Gather your basket or large…

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Cannabis, Pain & Inflammation Webinar

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The Wild World of Cannabis Gummies

Gummies are everywhere! They’re cool! They’re fun, they’re trendy and are easy to take. Then there’s the taste. They taste way better than tincture. They even have Fruity Flavors!!! And Omg do not click on any advertisements on the socials because gummy ads will inundate your feed! I’m here to talk in my snarky & informative…

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Equinox Magic

I knew I wanted to try and offer a little nourishment for your hearts as the wheel of the year turns towards fall. I also knew I needed to fill up a little myself before I had anything to offer. Who knew they would end up being one and the same? Happy Equinox dear ones.…

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The Wild World of Seeds

Many of us feel the rising spring energy and NEED to plant something into the soil. If you’re a vegetable gardener you’ve been receiving seed catalogs to leisurely cultivate your dreams of planting for months. If your intention is to grow cannabis, no such catalogs exist and adventuring into the rabbit hole of the internet…

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Guide to All Things Topical

?? Welcome friends! This is an introductory guide to topical medicine – created alongside a webinar of the same name. My goal with this guide is to show you what’s possible when we look at the whole picture of health through the lens of topical medicine. The biggest question of topical medicine is… Will this…

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