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I'm a researcher, educator, guest lecturer, and co-founder of Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials in Van Etten, NY.

Hemp Buying Guide

Harvest season is upon us, the hummingbirds & geese are packing up and heading south, along with a multitude of their aviary friends, the goldenrod is blooming and if you wander into your local township you’ll see the weary dazed look of farmers who’ve been out in the fields.  Not the Cannabis (yes, that’s hemp…

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My Love Affair With The Fungal World

Mushroom foraging is one of my favorite activities. It encourages me to wander through different forests in 3 out of the 4 seasons.  (During the snowy seasons I’m out on my cross country skis in the forests dreaming about next year’s mushroom harvests.) I receive many benefits from this one activity: I’m alone in the…

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Let’s Get Topical

Let’s face it, our largest organ, the skin, receives a lot of negative attention (too saggy, too many wrinkles, and omg, age spots), is constantly abused by us and is also the major interfacer with the external world. It deserves respect. It deserves some understanding regarding the brilliant way it both protects us from the…

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If Covid Is A God, What Is It Teaching Us?

Here we are at the year anniversary with the Coronavirus. What have we learned in this year of rapid paradigm shifting? If this virus were a god (or alien), what would this god be teaching us? What would we be learning about ourselves from this being? Here are some answers I came up with. 1.…

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Anxiety & Cannabis

Here’s a fun and information packed webinar on Anxiety, what it’s designed for, when it’s gone awry and how to work with it. Including the plant medicine of cannabis.

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Cannabis Medicine

Cannabis Medicine Webinar

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Fall Equinox 2020

We find ourselves here, at the balance point of the year, again, the autumnal equinox. The celestial pause, resonating in our bones to mark the transition from the vigorous growth & abundance of summer into the inward seed time of the winter. The air, the birdsong, the color of the leaves, the activity of our…

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Harvest Pondering

I hadn’t planned on writing today. I have a long list of harvest chores that needs doing aaandd, once I started working with the Tulsi, I knew I’d be sitting here writing to you. This love letter started when I began straining the Tulsi honey. I LOVE Tulsi honey and medicinal honeys are one of…

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Seed to Harvest in Photographs

This is the story of a growing season with Tammi. Want to grow with me? Check out the new program at Heartstone Online.

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How to Know If growing Cannabis is for me?

Many people have been curious about growing cannabis and usually come up against two major concerns.  The first is legal issues; am I “allowed” to grow this plant, and if I do, will I go to jail?  The second is the false belief that growing cannabis is just too complicated.  This post is here to…

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