The teacher tightrope (+ my new 24-page guide on Topical Medicine)

There’s a really delicate balance I try to find as a teacher.

One where I’m making herbalism information accessible so someone can start wherever they’re at on their journey… while also knowing how important it is to not get lost in the “this herb for that problem” or a recipes-first approach.

From what I’ve seen, though, a lot of teaching resources tend to fall off this tightrope when it comes to topical medicine. They jump right into recipes and don’t really take the time to understand the CAUSE of the problem at hand. These broad brush strokes can lead people to create less effective medicine and treat things in irresponsible ways.

This fine line, the tightrope balance I’m talking about, was a key part of creating my newest course “All Things Topical” — and it’s what I want to share with you in this free guide:

New Guide to All Things Topical


When you dive into the guide you’ll find a boatload of info on:

  • The Skin (how it’s selectively permeable)
  • How things get in
  • Absorption
  • Enhancers of Absorption
  • Wound Healing
  • Inflammation
  • Common Skin Conditions
  • Case Study
  • Herbal Spotlight (can you guess who? ?)
  • The right questions to ask

Plus you’ll be able to peek inside what to expect for the upcoming All Things Topical course that’s kicking off this weekend.

I hope this guide is helpful for you, and that you’re excited to expand your knowledge on topical medicine!

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I'm a researcher, educator, guest lecturer, and co-founder of Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials in Van Etten, NY.