Meet Kim, clinical herbalist & A&P student

Kim Almeida is a clinical herbalist, and instructor, who was required to take an Anatomy & Physiology course for the herbal program she was enrolled in.

She stopped by Ithaca yesterday and made this message to help you make a more informed decision this weekend before enrollment ends. Check out Heartstone Online (before 1/14)


Hi I’m Kim Almeida,

I’m a student of Tammi’s from the Anatomy & Physiology course.

I was required to take the course for my 2nd year of Herb School in Boston – and I was surprised at how much I actually learned.

What I especially love is the layering of understanding that happens – like I’ll go out into the world as a clinician to work with people and work with plants, and then come back and re-watch the videos, which give me this whole other level of understanding… it’s miraculous!  

Especially when you talk about a learner like me; who would rather be outside, or running around, or drawing or something.

And that’s another point to make about how Tam teaches – she’s very engaging, and fun, but you’re still getting all the hard science and the facts and so forth…  you almost don’t even realize it because you’re so entertained and riveted.

… its like you can’t wait to find out about the next part of the brain that we’re going to talk about…  

She invites you a  number of times to just take it in and NOT worry about taking notes, because you can always go back take notes the 2nd time and the 3rd time, or the twentieth time that you view it – because the the videos will be there for you to review.

Yeah so, even if you think that you’re not not going to be able to get through a course, or retain the knowledge, I would really encourage you to take a look at this course because it’s not like anything else I’ve ever experienced for sure…

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