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Video : CBD; Dispelling Myths and Taking Names!

By Tammi / December 19, 2018

Thanks to all 743 people who registered for the webinar, CBD; Dispelling Myths and Taking Names! This is an important topic for all of us to understand. CBD oil is the new cure for everything and everyone and their brother want to sell you some. This webinar will dispel some of the common myths in the…

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Don’t look a gift course in the mouth

By Tammi / December 16, 2018

Right now you can join 3 free mini-courses available over at Heartstone Online as part of our annual holiday enrollment – so head on over and add them to your toolbox for physiology and herbal education. Do you already own one of these courses? Well, here’s your chance to fill in the gaps or just share the…

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Setting Your Intentions for Winter Solstice

By Tammi / December 8, 2018

We haven’t always been a people rushing from one harried task to another. We haven’t always been a people too busy to be present with each other. This is a modern ailment. It is my hope, in this article, to offer some healing balm for the wounds of modern life. This article offers 6 ways…

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2018 – 2019 Heartstone Online Enrollment Schedule

By Tammi / December 5, 2018

One of the things you can learn about in Physiology With Heart is the whole person approach to learning – a way of engaging with our learning that engages our gut, heart, and mind.  As a student, you are familiar with how this plays into your choices around education. Should you enroll, or not enroll?…

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9 Considerations When You Are Buying “CBD Oil”

By Tammi / August 30, 2018

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the marketing blitz, including pie charts, graphs and scientific study footnotes, about how CBD can cure everything and how you should buy this product because of the superior proprietary extraction technique. If I were a teacher of marketing I’d use the current state of CBD-hype as my main topic…

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Presto it’s Pesto! The wild edition

By Tammi / May 9, 2018

Are you too busy to eat well? Are you wanting to learn foraging & wild edibles? Or maybe wanting to teach your children or grandchildren our natural way of moving and receiving from our home, the earth? This quick little blog is a simple way to do all of that in a very short, or…

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Why I’m using the framework “Transition Zones”

By Tammi / January 12, 2018

When I was creating my first online course I injured my back. When I was walking up a flight of stairs to give the “pain lecture” my back went out. I wrapped my body in duct tape because that’s all I had with me (my #1 item in my first aid kit btw). The injury (from…

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Meet Kim, clinical herbalist & A&P student

By Tammi / January 12, 2018

Kim Almeida is a clinical herbalist, and instructor, who was required to take an Anatomy & Physiology course for the herbal program she was enrolled in. She stopped by Ithaca yesterday and made this message to help you make a more informed decision this weekend before enrollment ends. Check out Heartstone Online (before 1/14)  …

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Marshmallow Root, the Soft Cure

By Tammi / October 13, 2017

Fall is upon us again. The deciduous trees gloriously shine as their leaves die back and they prepare for the coming winter. Herbs & flowers go to seed and perennials send their energy to the roots while their aerial parts die back. Now, when the energy of the plant is in the root, is a…

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Honey, Tulsi & the Sweetness of Summer

By Tammi / August 21, 2017

It’s the harvest time of year and I’m sure you’re all out like the bees, buzzing around the flowers and harvesting whatever’s ripe. One of my favorite ways to preserve some of the harvest is in honey and my all time favorite infused honey is Tulsi or Sacred Basil.  This article has two recipes, and…

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