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9 Considerations When You Are Buying “CBD Oil”

By Tammi / August 30, 2018

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the marketing blitz, including pie charts, graphs and scientific study footnotes, about how CBD can cure everything and how you should buy this product…

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Presto it’s Pesto! The wild edition

By Tammi / May 9, 2018

Are you too busy to eat well? Are you wanting to learn foraging & wild edibles? Or maybe wanting to teach your children or grandchildren our natural way of moving…

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Why I’m using the framework “Transition Zones”

By Tammi / January 12, 2018

When I was creating my first online course I injured my back. When I was walking up a flight of stairs to give the “pain lecture” my back went out. I…

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Meet Kim, clinical herbalist & A&P student

By Tammi / January 12, 2018

Kim Almeida is a clinical herbalist, and instructor, who was required to take an Anatomy & Physiology course for the herbal program she was enrolled in. She stopped by Ithaca…

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Marshmallow Root, the Soft Cure

By Tammi / October 13, 2017

Fall is upon us again. The deciduous trees gloriously shine as their leaves die back and they prepare for the coming winter. Herbs & flowers go to seed and perennials…

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Honey, Tulsi & the Sweetness of Summer

By Tammi / August 21, 2017

It’s the harvest time of year and I’m sure you’re all out like the bees, buzzing around the flowers and harvesting whatever’s ripe. One of my favorite ways to preserve…

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Hypericum Perforatum, the Herb of Summer solstice

By Tammi / July 11, 2017

Got evil spirits in your house? Bothering your family? No worries, head outside to your nearest field, find some St. Johnswort and hang it on your door! Winter blues got…

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Why Should I Engage In Mindfulness?

By Krissy / March 31, 2017

Are my eyes deceiving me? This week, I saw the word “Mindfulness” on the cover of a popular magazine at the checkout of our 25 aisle local market.  “MINDFULNESS” was…

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Transition Zones by Tammi Sweet

7 Health Topics & Their “Truthy” Friends

By Tammi / March 24, 2017

I want to start with a question… Which one of the following statements is true? Cannabis is a good remedy for acute pain. When living above the latitude of Atlanta,…

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When food is not your medicine…and very well might be making you sick

By Tammi / March 7, 2017

I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t eat cheese. I’m born and raised in Vermont. Refusing to eat cheese willingly is not natural. Aaaaannnnndddd….. Intestinal cramps, diarrhea and malaise are not…

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