How to Know If growing Cannabis is for me?

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Time to Decide

Many people have been curious about growing cannabis and usually come up against two major concerns. 

The first is legal issues; am I “allowed” to grow this plant, and if I do, will I go to jail? 

The second is the false belief that growing cannabis is just too complicated. 

This post is here to discuss both of these issues and as usual, dispel a few myths. 

After all, now is the time to get those seeds started. 

Given these uncertain times, more folks are digging in literally and either thinking about planting gardens or jumping back into the usual flow of spring and getting seeds in the ground. 

Planting our food and medicine are basic common sense practices we can all participate in one way or another whether we tend 5 acres or 5 pots on our balcony. 

Food and medicine security is our birthright.

Securing our food and medicine benefits us on many levels, as individuals, families and communities. 

The act of planting gives our body/minds/spirits something to do. We are hardwired neurologically to take action during stressful times. It is healthy to take action. Putting a seed in the soil may seem small, but don’t be fooled, it is a powerful life-affirming action with many physiological, psychological and emotional benefits. 

Planting seeds and nourishing plants exerts independence, self-reliance and security. 

Yes. All that from a tiny seed. You can start small, in pots on your deck, outside your door, in a community garden with others, or in a bed in your front lawn. You can go big and flip the sod of your lawn and mulch with cardboard, straw and compost. You can go really big and convert some of your acreage to garden beds. 

Regardless of the scope, we can all declare our birthright of providing food and medicine for ourselves and our families.

One plant getting lots of attention is our friend, Cannabis. An apothecary unto herself, she works in many ways with humans to alleviate suffering. “CBD oil” is everywhere, and much of it, not worth the bottle it’s in, nor your hard earned money. I’ve talked, written and taught extensively about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. If you’re interested in you can check out some other posts or one of my free classes on that material. Heck, you can order my book, if you want.

For now, I’ll stick to discussing the growing of this life-affirming plant. 

Before we go any further, I want to clarify something. When I refer to cannabis, I’m referring to the full spectrum of varieties from the high CBD “hemp” or the blend of other constituents, including THC. They are all cannabis.

Along with growing our food, the ability to grow our medicine adds another step in our self reliance. Many states still remain in the dark ages with regards to our ability to grow cannabis whether it is high THC or what is now federally legal, high CBD “hemp”. 

The “State” of growing legal “CBD Hemp”

Yes, while 48states and the federal government have passed legislation legalizing any cannabis plant below 0.3% THC (hemp), you cannot grow the plant in many of those states unless you have been authorized (applied and paid for, a license) by the state. Even though the federal government, with the passing of the latest farm bill, has legalized the growing of hemp, for anyone, three states continue to designate hemp as illegal: Idaho and Nebraska.

Each state has its own regulations and a quick search online will give you the information about what is “legally” allowed or how to get legal permission. Here’s one national link to help you get started in your research.

I want to be clear that I am not suggesting anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with. However, I am asking people to give some thought as to why it is ok that the government, federal or state, should be able to tell you whether you can or can’t grow a plant? 

Cannabis is not a toxic plant. Even over-consumption will not result in death. High-CBD hemp is not a plant that alters your state of mind like high-THC cannabis. It will bring relief from suffering. (Why the government has any right to regulate any plant is a topic for another discussion.)

The current regulatory climate is motivated by many things. Some motivations are based on hard science, research and safety and some motivations are based on profit and greed. We are tasked with wading through it all. 

We are part of a change process right now. 

Our grandchildren will not be having the same conversations about this plant that we find ourselves in. 

In these changing times, everyone is faced with the need to make their own decisions about how to navigate through this transition in thinking & understanding.

Here’s another concept to ponder; you can purchase a gun that is known to be potentially lethal, with less regulation and oversight than you can the cannabis plant.

If you’ve decided to grow federally legal “Hemp”

So let’s say that now you’ve jumped through whatever legal steps your state has set out for you or you’ve made decisions about your freedom to grow your own medicine regardless of the regulations and now you’re worried about how green your thumb is. 

There are two things you should know about growing cannabis:

  1. Every single human has survived because their ancestors were successful tending plants.
  2. Cannabis is literally a weed. Weeds, by definition, thrive in places cultivated plants wouldn’t dare try and grow. 
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The cumulative knowledge of our ancestors resides in your bones, your heart, your hands. You were made for tending plants. Regardless what the blogs online that mystify or over-complicate cannabis say, it’s a plant. If you can grow other plants, you can grow cannabis. 

(An important side note: growing cannabis flowers for medicine doesn’t require the giant flowers (buds) you see in the magazines or on Instagram. Yes, they are beautiful, yes, they contain lots of cannabinoid-rich trichomes, but you can get beautiful quality medicine from smaller flowers without all fancy manipulations touted by bloggers.)

Just like everything rich in life, many things are true at one time. Cannabis is simple to grow and she is a complex plant with many different properties depending on the species you chose to grow.

Just like with any other skill, there are different levels of growing. Gardening is both an art and a skill. The more we practice and learn from what we are doing, the more successful we become. 

Gardeners throughout time hold in their hearts the hope and promise of the seeds. We plant these hard, seemingly lifeless little “pebbles” of one kind or another into the earth and they sprout beautiful little leafed beings!

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If you already tend plants, cannabis is an easy addition to the garden. At the very basic level, cannabis plants don’t need anything more than what you would give your tomatoes – well drained, nutrient-rich soil, full sun, with lack of competition early on until she gets above the plant competition for sunlight and attention.

Yes, there are many other things to take into consideration (over watering, mildew late in the season, life cycle of the plant, sexing your plants, harvesting and curing), which is why I’ve decided to create a tight-knit mentorship program (not a course) to be there with people from seed to harvest.  

Onward with resources!

I’ve got two separate webinars coming up to help you think about your grow this year. They are both free, filled with great information and fun!! First up is my BRAND NEW class helping you think about what cultivar you would grow and why. Here it is!

all about seeds

“All About Seeds” Webinar

Or Who You Gonna Grow?

Wednesday, March 20 6:30 – 7:30 PM EST

Proper cultivar selection is the first crucial decision you’ll need to make (and oh so much fun!) in your path to growing your own medicine. If you dive down the breeder/genetics rabbit hole you’ll find an overwhelming amount of information that may or may not be helpful. This webinar is designed to help you take a step by step approach to choosing the best cultivars for your medicine needs that will do well in your bioregion and set you up for success.

We will ask & answer the following questions along with the pros & cons of each choice:

  • What effects are you hoping for from the flowers?
  • Will you grow from seed or clone? 
  • Feminized or straight run seeds?
  • Autoflower vs photoperiod?
  • What conditions will your plants grow in and why is that important to know when choosing cultivars that you want to grow?

Register Now

seed to harvest

Seed To Harvest Webinar

or How to grow

Wednesday, March 27, 6:30 – 7:30 PM EST

More and more states are finally “allowing” individuals to grow their own medicine and right alongside the legalization is tons of misinformation about growing Cannabis and how difficult it is or isn’t.  

Come join me for a beautiful photographic representation of an entire season of growing where we can dream together about getting our hands in the soil and learn a few things along the way! 

​In this webinar, I’ll be discussing the process of growing, harvesting and drying the plant (yes that means hemp as well). Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • ​A brief review about genetic selection.
  • ​Answers to questions regarding Important decisions you’ll need to make including:
    • ​Location of plants – where on your land should your garden be and what factors should you consider in determining the location?
    • ​Soil choices – are all the soils the same & what kind grows the best medicine?
    • Will you grow in a container or in the ground?

​In the face of propaganda concerning the medicinal benefits and the complexity of growing, I’m happy to sprinkle some insight and possibility into your thought process. 

Register Now!


One great resource is the book, Feminist Weed Farmer by Madrone Stewart. A no-nonsense feminine approach to growing this miraculous plant. Please support her by ordering directly from her publisher. Another great resource is the book I’ve written, The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cannabis and Making Your Own Remedies. It is included in my GROW course (that program I mentioned above).


About the Grow! Mentorship Program… 

I’ve been (legally) growing and making herbal medicine products and love bringing people through the process from seed to harvest. 

If you want step-by-step instructions, private community, and mentorship throughout the entire life cycle from germinating seeds to harvesting and curing the flowers then keep reading

Of course, you’ll start with the seeds, which will arrive at your address by April 15th.

Each phase of growing will have a video tutorial with a live Q & A session to assist your learning and help your confidence as a grower. The real time Q & A ensures you get the urgent questions answered at the time they are so needed. I’ll be growing the same strains at the same time so I can show you what I’m seeing as well as alert you to slight corrections you might need to be doing along the way. 

You will also receive a full resource list of materials you’ll need to get for your grow. 

You will be invited to a private social network with other students. You can participate in comment threads, connect with other people near you, and share your progress with this private group. 

And of course… about the seeds. This  “free bonus” includes 18 handpicked, federally compliant, high CBD hemp seeds of four different varieties to work with.

Register for the Grow! Mentorship Program and get those seeds in the mail right away. 

Hopefully after reading through this article you feel inspired and a bit more confident in your ability to grow your own medicine and have a clearer understanding of next steps in your decision to grow this miraculous master plant. 

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Yep, high CBD “hemp” ~ Suver Haze


I'm a researcher, educator, guest lecturer, and co-founder of Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials in Van Etten, NY.