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Our resident Pileated woodpeckers

Happy Winter Friends!

We are almost 3 weeks into the new year and hopefully the new habits you set for yourself are taking hold and you’re finding it easier to be healthier in whatever endeavor you started on the first. Kris and I have passed some little hump and not craving popcorn every night. Hallelujah.

As I’m sitting here by the fire writing, the snow is pelting the windows and the poor birds are diving for cover, not to worry, Kris has been out spreading birdseed and filling all the suet feeders. Tula, our winter-loving german shepherd, is out chewing her deer leg given to her by her favorite Uncle and looks quite feral.

And now onto upcoming happenings…

Our Longer Programs

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Herbal Apprentices harvesting Lemon balm

Enrollment is open (and filling) for our Herbal Apprenticeship & Journey of the Heart courses. We are actually half full for each of them. Woohoo! Not sure what they are? Click on the links to read more about them. And stay tuned for an upcoming podcast where we interview previous Journey students about their experiences. (look at us getting all techie!)

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Gourd bowl crafting in the Journey class

“Live” upcoming in order of appearance.

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Rosa ragosa

Interview/discussion online

Tammi’s doing a live interview with Charis Lindrooth of Botanicwise on January 27th at 12:30. Join us as we schmooz and share insights about our three favorite herbs for heart health. Can you guess what my top three are? Hint: They are not your obvious choices. This interview is a preview for Charis’s upcoming Cardio Care class with Guido Mase starting on February 3rd. (I’ll also be presenting a class one week on Cannabis and Cardio Health.)

4 In-Person Classes with Tammi at the Unitarian Church in Ithaca.

I will be video recording most of them to become part of our online curriculum. The room only fits 30 people, so please register right away online with the links below. (This summer the medicine making classes filled in less than 14 hours so don’t wait…for realz). I can’t register folks over the phone or via email and remain sane, so please, do it online.

A portion of all class tuitions will be donated to the Van Etten Food Pantry.

February 8

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Never before released graphic by yours truly

The Endocannabinoid System

Do you want to understand how & why Cannabis works to bring the multitude of benefits to the body? Cannabis works because we make our own, endogenous cannabinoids. These chemicals within us and the receptors they bind allow the magic of cannabis to work. The chemicals, the receptors and the enzymes we make are all part of the Endogenous Cannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS’s task is to modulate the Nervous, Immune, Endocrine, Digestive, Reproductive and Microcirculatory systems as well as inflammation and pain. We will spend our time unpacking and understanding the physiology of this little-known system as well exploring Endocannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome. It bodes well for us to understand deficiency since it underlies most major chronic disease. Finally, we will discuss the ways we can assist restoring balance to the system with lifestyle, nutrition and herbs.

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I love my Vitamixer

Medicine Making Class

Having spent the last 5 years traveling and teaching about medicine making with cannabis and launching an online class on the subject, I’ve seen a pattern of common places where medicine makers get stuck. Enter this class. Specifically designed to address the places where students have questions, concerns, and fears about making medicine with high CBD “Hemp”. *This is a demonstration only class. No medicine will be made.

February 15

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“the plant”

Materia medica of “the plant”

This class will be a true materia medica or the plant I’ve been spending so much writing and teaching about. We will begin our discussion with a little herstory and botany including the taxonomical rabbit hole of naming. We will discuss growing considerations in general terms so you can ask the proper questions of your growers. Phytochemistry will be discussed in detail including the top 5 cannabinoids and 8 major terpenes. We will spend considerable time on the latest science regarding the mechanism of action within the body so we can understand WHY certain strains are beneficial and why certain strains can exacerbate the conditions you were hoping to help. We will look at considerations and contraindications for working with this plant medicinally and finally traditional, uses in common ailments, including dosing guidelines.  

lotions and potions at heartstone
So many choices for infusing oils

All Things Topical

Have you been wondering how herbs get into the skin? Whether herbs are actually absorbed by the skin? Or how effective they are when applied topically? What about carrier oil choices? Which one should you use and how? Well you’re in good company. Come to the class and we will take a deep dive into the physiology of the topical world of herbal medicine. Also included in the class will be ways to increase absorption, properties of commonly used carrier oils including temperature ranges for extraction, and tips for the best methods for extraction. This class hopes to be the most information-packed class on the topic to date.

March 21: 
All Things Topical

This is a repeat of the class on February 15th. Please sign up with the link in the title.

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the special plant in with the lemon balm


This class segment will cover the introduction to my upcoming class on “growing your own special plant”. It will be part of a 6 month, ongoing class I will be announcing in a few months. Part pre-recorded video and part live webinars for step-by-step to growing your own plants for medicine. More info coming.

OMG finally! The book! Preorders!

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This is the cover!

Yep, the book is finally at the printers and we have opened up a cart for preorders. We’re hoping for a 4/20 ship date ;). Here’s your chance to support us directly AND get a signed copy. Plus you’ll score good karma points by NOT supporting Amazon AND get access to the free tutorial that comes with the book.**Please note that the tutorial won’t be available until AFTER we shoot the video on February 8th.

Heartstone is going world wide October 25, 2020 – November 1, 2020.

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She’s a beauty. I can’t wait to meet her!

Ok, sort of. I’m teaming up with my good friends, Janet Wolf Blevins, Helen Ward and Talina Galvez in leading a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead, visit an amazing elder healer, Grandmother Doña Enriqueta Contreras, do ceremony, visit with an ancient 2000 year old tree, and more. Enrollment is open and folks are registering, so if you’re interested, please sign up early since we can only take 20 people. Find more details and info on registering here.

Phew! That was a lot of catching up. Stay warm, stay kind and have some fun.

Thanks for playing,

Tammi & Kris

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We love our golf cart


I'm a researcher, educator, guest lecturer, and co-founder of Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials in Van Etten, NY.