Materia Medica for Cannabis


Our class will begin with the not well-known or publicized internal Endogenous Cannabinoid System, its physiology, functions and why its proper functioning is crucial to health and underlies many diseases.

We will then move into discussing the Materia medica of the Cannabis plant; starting with a little history and botany of the plant. Growing considerations will also be covered so you can ask the proper questions of your growers. Since this beloved plant cannot cure everything, proper uses including preparation and dose considerations will also be covered. We will spend considerable time on the latest science regarding the mechanism of action within the body so we can understand WHY certain strains are beneficial and why certain strains can exacerbate the problem. We will answer question about CBD oil, what it is good for and when you actually need THC. Lastly we will discuss general, home medicine making techniques. The information from this workshop will make you a better-informed consumer when you enter the world of medical cannabis.

3 CEU’s available for LMT’s.