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First Weekend of Our Apprenticeship Program

Our HERBAL APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM provides an in-depth and experience-based foundation for the life-long journey of becoming a practitioner of herbal medicine.

It runs May through October each year, one weekend per month.

In the traditional apprenticeship way of learning, we study diverse plants and their healing properties, herbal preparations for health & remedies for particular conditions, wild edibles, wild-crafting, and selected anatomy and physiology of body systems.

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Advanced Topics Physiology Series – LIVE

Here’s an opportunity to participate in live lectures of some of my favorite topics. We will be devoting three hours to each advanced topic.. Each lecture will be on a Sunday from 10:30-1:30. I will be filming these lectures for my Online Series to be launched in March. Participants of the live series will have free…

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Endocannabinoid System

How and Why Cannabis works…. Our Endogenous Cannabinoid System

As herbalists we all know when giving a weed walk in a new place, the richest areas are the transitions zones, the margins, the edges. In this light, we will examine a much maligned, misunderstood and misrepresented plant we have pushed to the margins, Cannabis.

It is time for us, the herbalists, to reclaim the proper uses of this medicine in our material medica.

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