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Are you on the path of herbal education, and ready to take the next step of balancing what you know and practice with an understanding of physiology?

Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 Heartstone Online Holiday Enrollment Sale! This is your annual opportunity to get  bundle pricing on Heartstone Online Courses, as well as bonuses which are announced only on our email list.

20% off all Heartstone Online courses until January 10th!

It's not just about the bundles, it's also about creating more free content to help more people understand the value of physiology, and to empower herbalists to choose themselves in their learning journey.

Scroll down to see upcoming free webinars, offer deadlines, and mini-courses that are free until January 10th.

Live Webinar Events and Deadlines

One in December, the other in January – both relevant to 2018-2019 transition. Some topics deserve a full presentation with Q&A discussion. Sign-up to get the announcements as soon as the registration page goes live.

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Upcoming Events

Tue 12

Journey of the Heart Series

May 31, 2019 - May 17, 2020

"Tammi is the best kind of teacher ~ Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and impassioned. Whether she's teaching about plants or the body, she infuses everything with energy and passion."

Rosemary GladstarSage Mountain

Free Mini-Courses, now until January 10th! Register today

Learn about inflammation, liver health, and a framework for physiology that compliments a holistic health practices. All the mini-courses are unlocked for one month.

In this mini-course we will unpack the baggage of western science, identify some of the key mistakes herbalists make, and I'm going to share the principles of a heart-based approach to physiology. A whole person approach empowers all of us to be better herbalists, better students, and better advocates for plant medicine.

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There are some topics which deserve more focus. Inflammation is one of those hot topics that everybody is talking about. But do we really understand it?

In this 3 part video series, I'm going to challenge some myths, and present the facts on inflammation.

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In these entertaining and easy to understand lectures you will gain more knowledge and understand how to support the (your) liver, even if you're new to basic anatomy.

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Start the Group Program for Structured Online Learning

Every year our online course programs start a live group program, designed to empower you with a solid foundation if Anatomy & Physiology in just 8 weeks.

This is a combination of self-study and live programming, along with the community of students you can share the experience of learning physiology with.

Use the coupon code "HEARTANDMIND" for 20% off physiology education at Heartstone Online.

The 2019 Online A&P eight week class begins on January 15th – enroll today to get holiday bonus and access the video lessons and schedule live group sessions.

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The Advanced Topics for Herbalists, Transition Zones live classes happen once a month and begin on January 22nd. Enroll today to access the entire course and join the community.

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Remember, you get %20 off everything between now and January 10th with the coupon code "HEARTANDMIND" at registration. Once you have the course you get all updates 🙂

The Entire Bundle, Available Until January 10th


The Heartstone Learning Library is only available during holiday enrollment and bundles over $200 in course savings and bonuses. When you enroll today your one time investment gets you every future update of the course, new lectures added, and even access to future live calls just for students.

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Discounted Programs Until January 10th

This is your nudge to commit to physiology education in the new year. Join the group programs for accountability, connections with students, new friends, and level up your herbal knowledge this winter.

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