‘Tis the Season for mini-courses

Every year around this time we provide a whole bunch of free lessons and materials for herbalists who want to study with a whole person approach.

Right now there are 4 free mini-courses available over at Heartstone Online as part of our annual enrollment promotion – so head on over and add them to your toolbox for physiology and herbal education.

If you’re already in one of these courses, would you do us a huge favor and share links to your favorite one?
Together we can help spread the idea of a whole person, whole plant approach to healing and have a little fun in the meantime.

The root cause is inflammation

Do you know the difference between helpful inflammation and not so helpful inflammation? Do you know why turmeric works? But isn’t the only path to cooling inflammation?

If you’re not clued into the way inflammation works in our bodies or how you might alleviate it – please take this mini course.

I want everyone to have access to this fiery information and to understand what's inflammatory and what's not.

Click here to join Inflammation Actually for free at Heartstone Online.

Liver health starts with liver love

In these entertaining and easy to understand lectures you will gain more knowledge and understand how to support the (your) liver, even if you're new to basic anatomy.

This mini-course has 3 lessons, each guiding you to understand and love your liver – whether you’re learning for yourself or to work with others. And with all the indulgences of the holiday season, your liver will thank you for loving on it even just a little bit.

Click here to join Love Your Liver free at Heartstone Online

It’s time for a heart based, whole person approach to physiology

Physiology with Heart is a mini-course that explores how we, as a culture, engage in healing the body. We’ll spend a little time breaking down Western Science, but ultimately this is about reclaiming our relationship with the physical aspects of health and balancing them with a heart-centered, whole person approach to healing.

It is still helpful to understand physiology, even though much of this knowledge has been presented traditionally in ways that discourage many people from believing they can learn it, and practice this important base of knowledge. This little series helps to overcome some of the “learning science anxiety”.

Join Physiology with Heart, Free at Heartstone Online

There are secrets for living a long life

Last year I wrote a blog post What’s the Point of Longevity, and recorded a live webinar on the same topic. I wanted to share some essential practices that can leave you feeling more vibrant and alive and able to carry out your life’s purpose?

Because isn’t that really the point of living a longer life? – to have the energy to do what you were meant to do?

Hop over to Heartstone Online and get all the mini-courses, plus this new class on Longevity.