10 Recommended Anatomy & Physiology Resources For Alternative Practitioners.

I’ve dedicated that last 29 years to helping future college students, nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, herbalists and aromatherapists understand and incorporate anatomy & physiology into their work.

Often it’s helping student believe that they can learn it.

Super Tammi teaching A&P

Everything I’m doing now, from webinars to conference lectures, to mini-courses, to full programs at Heartstone Online is all about helping you understand the value of physiology education and to have the trust in yourself that you can learn it.

And it’s so important! Learning A&P gives you (as the alternative practitioner) the ability to communicate in more mainstream medical language. It also means you’ll have the knowledge required to avoid myths and hoax cures.

And of course, my teaching in practically the OPPOSITE way that most A&P classes are taught. While I can be a bit crude when teaching about this amazing skin bag of a body, I know there’s so much more that science simply can’t offer.

But still, all disclaimers aside…

10 A&P Learning Resources for Alternative Practitioners:

Here’s my top 10 list of A&P learning resources I recommend to anyone who wants. You’ll notice they are mostly books. I am old school. I like to sit and read and highlight. 🙂

Note : They are in no particular order of value.

1. Principles of Anatomy & Physiology by Tortora

This is my favorite book that I still use and you won’t outgrow. They are in the 14th edition… so get an earlier edition and pay way less. Click here to read more. 

2. Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapies by Tortora.

This version isn’t quite as dense, but carries enough information and is less intimidating. Don’t
worry that it’s titled for manual therapy. It has everything anybody would need. Click here to read more

3. Videos on Youtube

There are some great ones out there. Find someone you really like and check out many of their topics. This is my favorite about the cell. The Inner LIfe of the Cell.

4. Medical Herbalism by David Hoffman

For a general overview of the systems written by one of my herbal, “boyfriends” check out Medical Herbalism by David Hoffman . Not for anyone wanting fancy pictures. “Just the simple facts”. Click here to check out Medical Herbalism

5. Secret Teachings of Plants, by Stephen Buhner

All things regarding the latest research on the heart… and the award goes to my other herbal boyfriend, Stephen Buhner. The book: Secret Teachings of Plants. Favorite!!!! Click here to check out Secret Teachings of Plants

6. The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine by Wisneski and Anderson

Want some cutting edge, detailed integrated A&P? The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine by Wisneski and Anderson. Not a lot of fancy pictures but great information! Click here to read more

7. Aviva Romm MD, RH, Midwife

Women’s Reproductive System? Anything about it? Aviva Romm MD, RH, Midwife is  your go-to resource. She’s got great online courses….AMAZING! She’s just come out with a Thyroid Health book. Get on her email list. For reals. Instead of a book list, here’s her entire website. https://avivaromm.com/

8. Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson PhD.

Want the latest 30 years of research about neuroscience and mindfulness? Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson PhD.

9. Energy Medicine by James Oschman

You want to learn about the science of Energy Medicine? Energy Medicine by James Oschman is a great place to start. Click here to read about Energy Medicine by James Oschman

1o. Paul Bergner classes or DVDs

I would sit in on any class I could (or buy the dvd’s) with Paul Bergner. He rocks! Knows anatomy & physiology and has 30 years of clinical experience. Wow! Check out Paul on Herb TV

Study Anatomy & Physiology with Heartstone Online (with me!)

Along with this list, I want to introduce you to my own programs at Heartstone Online.

If you want to learn A&P, or if you need to learn it for herbal studies, continuing education credit for massage, homeschooling, take my class, Online Anatomy & Physiology. This will give you the foundational knowledge you need (and we’re going to have fun doing it).

If you’re excited about exploring specific topics that are on the edges, topics I call Transition Zones, check out the bundle of courses spanning topics like inflammation, pain physiology, heart coherence, skin, allergies, gut health, and the endocannabinoid system. I’m so excited about this course and all the ongoing research and updates that make it so awesome.

My course is a combination of all these above resources with years of teaching to herbalists and massage therapists. It’s fun, engaging, and once you register it’s yours forever.

Click here to see all the courses available at Heartstone Online

Tammi taught anatomy and physiology while I was a student at FLSM. Tammi presents in a way that is engaging, fun, and will challenge the way you view the world. Tammi presents in a way that that is easy to understand. Her lectures are a masterful mix of science, real world information, thoughtfulness and entertainment. Tammi’s love of people comes shining through as she endeavors to make the world a little better place, one class at a time, one person at a time.

-Andrew B., LMT, ND


I recommend these things because I myself have studied them. I’ve read the books (and highlighted the heck out of them!), sat in lectures with all of the mentioned teachers and spent hundreds of hours integrating them. I’ll probably think of more items for this list later, but enough for now – there’s a whole world out there.

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